The Poker Money Award in Korea

Among the most exciting events in the world of poker could be the 피망포커머니상 in Korea. This award is really a huge prize of over $100,000 and it is given annually to successful who has the capacity to show off his poker skills in the highest amount of competition. There are numerous different events in this event including a High Roller event and a Badugi game.

High Roller event

Among the countless events to be held in the Poker Money Award Korea, a High Roller event took place. The event attracted 592 entries and paid out KRW 640,000,000 (US$ 62,900).

The event was part of a series of three scheduled at the Very Convention Center in Dongnam, South Korea. One other two events were the HKD 500,000 Short Deck and the $53,000 Super High Roller. In the High Roller, Keiji Takahashi went wire-to-wire to win the trophy. In the Short Deck, Ivan Leow won the title.

Another big cash game could be the Rui Cao. The Korean has earned US$ 7.7 million at live tournaments. He is also one of the hottest cash game players in the world right now. He is still a few years younger than Negreanu, but he’s already beaten him on several occasions.

The High Roller event at the Poker Money Award Korea attracted three Korean pros. Ahn Joohyuk won the trophy and KRW 12,000,000 (US$ 10,750). He bested 100 entries. He’s been an expert poker player for 8 weeks now. He’s already won two events this year and he’s on the highway to more.

No Limit Hold’em Turbo event

Throughout the upcoming Poker Money Award in Korea, there will be a No Limit Hold’em Turbo event. The event is set to be played from 20th to 25th October. The winner will earn a primary prize of US$ 324,767. The very best 10 players will receive a prize of at the least 700,00 USD. Players may also go for multiple re-entries before registration ends.

The event drew an overall total of 1,476 entries. The prize pool was built up to total of US$ 1.328,400. The tournament finished in 15 hours.

Gregory Teboul finished first, earning his first WSOP bracelet and first six-figure payday. Timothy Adams finished fourth and collected a career a lot of US$ 500,000. Kuenwai Lo “Jeffrey” also finished in fourth place. The three-day event started with 14 players left. After two hours of play, a final table was formed.

The residual three players began to chop up the prize money. Jacob Ferro was eliminated in sixth place and Jason Adams in 12th. In the final three, Brandt fought back. He’d half the leaders’ stacks but squeezed to the final table by an individual grind.

Badugi game

Unlike most games, Badugi is really a lowball, topsy-turvy variant of poker. Players start off with four cards and can use them to create the lowest possible hand. The most effective Badugi is certainly not the best hand, but it is the hand with the best mix of cards.

Badugi may also be played in high-stakes mixed game events at the World Series of Poker. One event could be the Dealer’s Choice. Players are made four cards to play with, and can decide to fold, call, raise, or re-raise.

The Badugi game has been popular in Korea considering that the 1970s. It can also be played in online card rooms. One of the best providers of Badugi is Carbon Poker. The very first Badugi tournament to take place in Korea was sponsored by the Asia Pacific Leisure Company (APL) in 2007. The winner was Gun Hyung Nam, who beat Sung Gap Kim in the final hand.

Badugi is really a four-card lowball game that’s usually used a fixed limit. Players can play on regular or turbo tables. The very first two rounds are small bets. The 3rd and fourth rounds are bigger bets.

South Korean government crackdown on online poker sites

Inspite of the recent South Korean government crackdown on online poker sites, the illegal gambling industry is still flourishing in the country. In accordance with a current report, an illegal gambling operation in the united kingdom made nearly $3.9 billion from the illegal gambling market.

The group is suspected of using malware to hack into gambling websites. The report also states that these were selling the stolen data on the black market. The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency has arrested 20 people for his or her involvement in the illegal gambling operation.

Another 171 individuals are under investigation. The group is suspected of running an enormous organization that moved around $3.9 billion from South Korea to China. The business is suspected of selling gambling software to offshore gambling providers.

In line with the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency, the group has maintained servers in China. In addition they reported that the group targeted South Korean gamblers. The agency in addition has seized five Internet domain names utilized by the Poker Companies to operate illegal poker games.


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